[S]ince I always have my camera with me, I took this photograph while at a gourmet coffee shop writing my ebook. I always have a soft spot for fabric. There is always something majestic and dreamy when fabric flows through the wind. I was staring at the lady’s dress and for a second I was really dreaming with the waves of the wind. I think that this is what photographers do, they capture the everyday poetic moments. The moments that would go unnoticed if  they did not capture it.
Insignificant but emotionally charged moments that sprinkle the mundane of everyday life. Can a woman’s dress flowing be the highlight of someone’s day? I say yes because that’s what happened to me. I was tired and writing and this moment broke my mood in a good way.
There are things in life that go unobserved if we do not take the time to sit back and enjoy. These moments are like a breath of fresh air out of a strangled day. When you noticed them, it’s like you know what just happened…. Watch out for the everyday poetic…

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